Our Policies

Southpaw Meat Market selects quality beef, pork, poultry, lamb and goat products. We make many varieties of sausages in-house, and we have a selection of deli meats and cheeses. Inventory changes with the availability of product, as well as what our local producers and vendors can provide. We believe wholeheartedly in investing in our local producers and vendors, so sourcing as much from creative entrepreneurs in Maine is important to our venture.

Prices are subject to change and the availability of certain products may vary.

We can’t always meet everyone’s specific needs, but we do try!

Return Policy

We strive to always provide quality products and hope you never have to return anything to us.  Our return policy is as follows:

Perishable Products

(e.g. all meat products, all adulterated and altered products) –  ALL SALES FINAL. No returns under any circumstances. If it leaves the store (and you paid for it), it’s yours.

Non-Perishable Products

May be returned within 7 days in its unopened, unaltered, clean, undamaged, original packaging, with the original receipt.  Refunds must be issued in the form in which payment was made as noted on your receipt. For purchases made with a credit or EBT card, the original card is required. All refunds and exchanges are subject to the store manager’s approval and may be limited at his or her discretion.

Our Services

Our services are an offering of our passion and dedication to the industry that provides a lifestyle for our family. Sadly, we are the receiver of some people’s frustrations with product availability and the quantities we are able to inventory. We sympathize with everyone, however, we will not tolerate verbal abuse of any form in our establishment or over the phone. Our employees work hard and are dedicated to serving the public, we expect they will be treated with dignity and respect.

As always It is our intention to be a full-service meat market providing quality products, with wicked good customer service. Our mission is to honor our commitment to promoting sustainable practices in order to nurture and rejuvenate our environment. We strive to be a good neighbor and play a vital economic role in our community.