Our goal is to promote and support an atmosphere that encourages health and wellness. Working together to enhance awareness of available services and resources.

Mental Health

Southpaw Packing Company, INC is excited to share with you a wealth of information thanks to the dedicated support of Hanna Longley, LCSW, Maine’s Senior Clinical Director of Community Programs.

NAMI Maine’s mental health resource database is searchable by county and includes over 250 Maine-based resources., 

Slicing Through the STIGMA

In collaboration with NAMI Maine, Southpaw Packing Company is raising mental health awareness by “Slicing Through the STIGMA!”.

Physical Health

Strength of Purpose

At Strength of Purpose, I strive to give the best individualized personal training possible. By using the latest research backed techniques, clients can expect greater results. Be it one-on-one personal training, or a group strength class, I want to help people reach their goals

Nutrition Nook: Coming soon!