The Market:

Variety of Products

Plan your next gathering, family dinner or BBQ with us! We carry traditional cuts of meat, hand-crafted sausages and a variety of unique sundries.

We do not offer Meat Packages at this time.

Passionately Sourced

We strive to offer sustainably and compassionately sourced products that support our local agricultural and small business communities.


Specialty Mercantile

Don’t miss our mercantile shop filled with locally crafted products and sundries including spices, honey, maple syrup, cheeses, baked goods and so much more!



We Want to Inspire a Food Revolution!

When Southpaw Meat Market owners, Nichole and Leon Sargent, say they are passionate about the protein industry, their role as business owners in the community,  and their dedication to supporting local farmers and producers – they mean it! They have more than 30 years in the industry, and also own and operate Windham Butcher Shop. This experience gives them unique insight into finding and selecting inventory for Southpaw Meat Market. They are also very active in state and federal regulatory issues and work closely with the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension Program. Running their businesses is more than commerce for them, it’s their opportunity to work to improve the industry, better the communities they serve, and inspire the public to explore their cuisine options.

What we mean by a Food Revolution

Nichole, in particular, loves to escape into cooking and creating new recipes. She sees food as imagination and community as well as nourishment. Cooking and sharing meals has a traditional role in bringing us together with our loved ones and caring for others. We need more of that in this world!

“I want to get people experiencing food in a whole new way! I want to provide opportunities for people to experience different foods, tastes, and try new things. Preparing meals has such power to bring people together, and I feel being creative makes people genuinely happy!”                         ~ Nichole Sargent

One of the goals of Southpaw Meat Market is to create an environment where customers want to come in and chat with us, talk with our friendly and knowledgeable staff – see us as an interesting and enjoyable place to go. We strive to incorporate lasting relationships within our community and serve as a link between our farmers and vendors, introducing folks to sensible foods and products.  We are hardworking, sarcastic, a tad bit nutty and like to put a smile on your face.

1233 Roosevelt Trail #12, Raymond, ME 04071

Tuesday Thru Saturday 9AM – 5PM


(207) 655-2646

We do not offer Meat Packages at this time.

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